Everyone has influence. It's how we choose to use it that matters. Join others in learning how to maximise it!


*Speaker lineup is subject to change and not all speakers are shown at NZ locations.
The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is a two-day event, featuring world-class speakers, held at Willow’s campus near Chicago every August and telecast live to hundreds of locations in North America.
Over the following months GLS events take place at an additional 675+ sites in 125 countries and 59 languages as speakers are presented via DVD on a large screen. In NZ the event is condensed to one information-packed day. You are invited to join an expected 350,000 people internationally, all committed to getting better as leaders in 2017.
You are presented with many opportunities to sharpen your skills and develop the people you lead. The Global Leadership Summit is a proven tool that produces compelling outcomes for Christian leaders who attend:
 Improved teamwork, increased job satisfaction and productivity.
Say their organisation is more effective because of clearer vision.
Feel a greater sense of significance and satisfaction.
Cite concrete ways their supervisor has become a better leader.
INDIVIDUAL $110 (EB* $90)
*Earlybird (EB) prices end 26 September 2017.
* Further pricing available on the website.
For more information contact Shae or if you would like to register but do NOT attend Gracegate, please visit the Willowcreek NZ website.
The 2016 Highlights: