GraceKids matter to us and matter to God!

What is GraceKids all about?

In GraceKids, we have created an irresistible environment for your kids. Every Saturday morning at 10am they will be met with games, challenges, fun crafts, and inspiring stories that will leave them knowing that they matter to us and matter to God.

What to Expect at GraceKids

Kids are welcomed into a safe and loving environment.  The GraceKids leaders know the importance of making the kids feel valued and included.  Bible stories are presented in fun, and creative ways to encourage kids to engage and interact with the themes and with each other.   Each week, the lessons will have the elements of ‘Know What’ (hear a Bible story), ‘So What’ (understand the key message God wants us to know from the story), and ‘Now What’ (be challenged through practical activities to apply the key message in their lives).  Children will also learn a Bible verse that relates to the key message learnt from each lesson.

More Kids Programs at Gracegate

You don’t need to wait for Saturday mornings to enjoy kids programs at Gracegate! Check out these fun Gracegate kids groups too.


Dance, games, skits and challenges for 5 – 13 year olds


Friday Night Radiate for 9 – 12 year olds


Friday Night Fuel for High School youth