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Bad Advice

04 July 2020 - 01 August 2020

“Good people go to Heaven!”
“Only God can judge me.”
“All paths lead to God.”
“Don’t take your faith too seriously!”
“She’ll be right, mate.”

The things people say, have the ability to shape our lives – for the better or worse. It's time to debunk a few faith myths.


The bad advice we tell ourselves

18 July 2020   |   Wesley Lorentz
I deserve it. I'm not as bad as... I've always been this way... Are you talking yourself into a situation where it's easier to just go with it and do the wrong thing, or let yourself off the hook?

Don't take your faith too seriously

25 July 2020   |   Bre Egerton
We take a lot of things seriously in our life. It might be our friends, our careers or maybe our relationships. What about when it comes to faith?