26 September 2020 - 10 October 2020

We’ve heard about God, and we know a little more about Jesus, but what about the Holy Spirit? Is it a ghost? Is it a dove? Is it a fire? Is it a super power? What is it? And is it even an “it”? The Holy Spirit is a mysterious part of our faith… and during this series we’ll remove some of the mystery in order to discover the extraordinary power and guidance that we have at hand. If you need a breath of fresh air in your life, that will empower you to living a fulfilling life, this series is for you.



26 September 2020   |   Wesley Lorentz
We might not always understand God or faith things... but God hasn’t left us in the dark, without a way to learn or grow. The Father (God) has sent us an Advocate, the Holy Spirit, who will teach us and remind us of everything Jesus taught and did for us. John 14:26

Keeping in step

03 October 2020   |   Wesley Lorentz
Religion vs. Relationship. Sin causes a disconnect between us and God, but no matter how distant we have become from God, He pursues relationship with us. His heart is to walk with humanity.

Gifts of the Spirit

10 October 2020   |   Wesley Lorentz
Having God in your life has some awesome benefits! He's not just walking with us, but giving us gifts too. The gift of the Spirit is for you, but the gifts of the Spirit are for those around you.