27 July 2019 - 07 September 2019

Exploring the ordinary life of Nehemiah and his God-given vision for accomplishing the extraordinary. The life of this great ancient visionary, determined to rebuild the ruined walls of Jerusalem, reveals principles that can prepare us to find and follow God’s multifaceted vision for our own lives and how He calls us to be a Catalyst for change in our world.


A Vision is Born

27 July 2019   |   Urzalia Lorentz
What is that big thing that breaks your heart? The thing that gets you every time? What can you get up and do about it? How can you be a catalyst for enormous change in your world?

The Cost of Vision

03 August 2019   |   Wesley Lorentz
God has created us with a purpose, and it's so much more than living your life just for yourself. What does God want me to do, personally? You were created on purpose, for a purpose. If we want to live out a life of vision and purpose, it's going to cost something.

Achieving the Vision - Together.

10 August 2019   |   Jordan Ferdinandus
Why would God trust us with such important tasks? Why would we need to combine our energetic resources to accomplish goals? What is the point?

The Essential Ingredient

17 August 2019   |   Norman Hurlow
What do catalyst leaders understand about influence that allows them to step out and be leaders that make a difference? Influence has nothing to do with a position or a title; but everything to do with relationship!

Dealing with Distractions

24 August 2019   |   Wesley Lorentz
How dedicated are you to building your wall? Are you easily distracted? What is on the other side of your wall? What are you investing in?

Investments that Last

31 August 2019   |   Walter de Wet
How do we live a life of purpose, if we don't even know what our purpose in life is? Do you have a contribution to make? What if the only contribution you have feels insignificant?

Legacy Living

07 September 2019   |   Wesley Lorentz
The wall is built. Life carries on. But then... It's easy to move on and forget that God is still present and still wants to be in relationship with us. Even when you have forgotten, or when you have become complacent, God is still there. How do we maintain the relationship and live the legacy?