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Church on the Couch

28 March 2020 - 25 April 2020

During this season, where the whole world is navigating life in lockdown through Covid-19, you are invited to join us online, to worship and pray and encourage one another, so that we can still be connected to each other, from the comfort of our own couches.


Home on the Rock

28 March 2020   |   Wesley Lorentz
Have you ever done something for a long time and then discovered you had been doing it the wrong way all along? Sometimes we can get things wrong, but not even be aware of it! When it comes to life today, and building our faith and our future in the midst of these perplexing times, what are some practical things we can do to build our faith on the rock?

God's Provision

04 April 2020   |   Urzalia Lorentz
Sometimes we don't have a clue how things could possibly work out... We might have problems beyond our ability to fix. The situation is so overwhelming, we don't even know where to begin. How often do we look for solutions in the wrong places? There's an interesting story in the Bible, about how God provided for a whole nation of people. In this episode, we unpack the story and see how we can apply some wisdom to our situation.

Dying to Say Goodbye

11 April 2020   |   Wesley Lorentz
In the midst of insecurity, anxiety and a wobbly future, and even saying goodbye to things that are meaningful to you... how can we find hope? What does Jesus want to tell you?

Beyond our Bubbles

18 April 2020   |   Wesley Lorentz
How do you direct your focus, so that you feed positivity during this lockdown? How can we make sure our bubbles don't get stale and contaminated with negativity? What seeds are you planting now, that you will harvest later?

The New Normal

25 April 2020   |   Wesley Lorentz
How can we push the RESET button on our faith? How can we allow God to REVEAL more of Himself to us? What areas of your life do you need Jesus to REINVENT?