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Defiant Joy

02 May 2020 - 23 May 2020

No matter what your circumstances are, the opportunity exists for you to experience defiant joy - in spite of what is happening around you! What is the secret to being joyful in the midst of oppression, isolation, confusion or fear?


The Joy of Community

02 May 2020   |   Wesley Lorentz
We find ourselves in a season where so many people are lacking joy - this is the church's opportunity and privilege to share love, to share joy, live out humility, embody unity and diversity, security and maturity, growing in faith!

The Joy of Adversity

09 May 2020   |   Urzalia Lorentz
Everyone has encountered adversity! We can carry our hurt around with us all our lives, or we can choose to move towards joy, despite adversity, turning obstacles into opportunities.

The Joy of Working Out

16 May 2020   |   Wesley Lorentz
What do you do, when you don't like the way you look spiritually? Do we need to up our attendance? Consume more? If we do all this stuff, will it change the way we look spiritually? If I do more, will my faith journey be better?

Joy through Contentment

23 May 2020   |   Walter de Wet
Life has the habit of throwing punches at us! It's in those moments, we need joy that's resilient and gets back up and is defiant in the face of it. Don't waste the season you are in! We can choose DEFIANT joy and allow God to make something good from the bad situations we find ourselves in.