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Finish Strong

05 December 2020 - 26 December 2020

The year is drawing to a close. We all feel the slow grind of this monumental year taking it’s toll… but we have heaps to look forward to, as we lean on Jesus – the Author and Finisher of our faith. Here’s to finishing strong.


Finish Strong - Generously

05 December 2020   |   Wesley Lorentz
How will you go the extra mile, and finish strong? What story do you want to tell, as you end 2020? What if your going the extra mile, changed your life story or someone else's life story?

Don't give up on your Dreams

12 December 2020   |   Megan Jones
Dreams. It's easy to get discouraged when our dreams aren't taking shape or when it seems like there are massive detours along the way. We might be seeing only a small picture of what's going on, but God can take all the brokenness along the way, and still make your dreams come true!

The Reason for the Season

19 December 2020   |   Wesley Lorentz
____________ is the reason for the season. Fill the blank.

Setting up to win

26 December 2020   |   Jordan Ferdinandus
When we come across people with great potential, we have a choice to make - whether we want to help them, or whether we want to hinder them. How will you finish strong?