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Game Plan

09 September 2023 - 28 October 2023

In a world filled with distractions, challenges, and temptations, it's essential for us to have a solid Game Plan for spiritual growth. Just as rugby players train rigorously, strategize and follow a Game Plan to achieve success, so too should we approach our spiritual journey. Let's develop a purposeful and effective strategy for deepening our relationship with God and experiencing transformative spiritual growth. Let’s Go!


The value of a coach

09 September 2023   |   Byron Nel
Keeping your faith thriving takes intention, strategy and dedication. How can we stop procrastinating our progress? Asking for help might seem like weakness, but it is part of the process and leads to growth.

The tackle

16 September 2023   |   Wesley Lorentz
There is no player who gets on the field of life who is immune to being tackled. Some tackles are worse than others. You get knocked down and can’t get back up… what happens in your faith, when you are tackled so badly, you can’t get back up?

Half-time break

23 September 2023   |   Jamie Lainson
Life can sometimes feel like constant chaos, one thing after the next… no break! How can we rest when things are so chaotic? There is a better way to live life… An intentional half-time break can help us to recover, refuel, refocus!


30 September 2023   |   Wesley Lorentz
Having solid tactics can make or break your game plan for life. Throughout the lead-up to a big game, so much energy is invested in preparation, strategy, tactics… most of the tactics happen before the game, so they don’t just show up on the day, and then plan their strategy. The foundations have been laid long in advance. How you are laying strong foundations in your faith? What strategies need implementing?

Taking Responsibility

07 October 2023   |   Wesley Lorentz
It's easy to deflect and think that someone else is to blame. But certain things - like growing in your faith - are your responsibility. Do you gravitate more to blaming others or taking ownership? What is an aspect of your faith that you’ve been convinced is good and beneficial, but that you have not followed or applied to your life, because it’s hard? What is one area you can take EXTREME ownership of, in your faith this week?

The Scrum

15 October 2023   |   Bre and Blair Egerton
There’s value in team! So that when you face challenges you have the strength of their support. The same is true in your faith.

Learning from a loss

21 October 2023   |   Wesley Lorentz
Losing is part of life. The aim of the game is not to lose, but losses will happen. In any game there is always a loser. So, how do we learn from a loss?