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Go Fish

21 October 2017 - 18 November 2017



21 October 2017   |   Wesley Lorentz
Jesus was walking along the beach. He invites some fishermen to follow Him and then He promises them that He will make them "fishers of men." What is that all about? Wouldn't it be irresponsible to drop their nets and follow a stranger, leaving everything behind, on some weird mission to catch men?

Why Fish

28 October 2017   |   Walter de Wet
Sharing your faith is not so much about convincing someone to believe something, as it is telling them about what you have seen and heard - sharing your experience! Unless believers share their experience, nobody else would ever know or understand the reality of the One who called us to fish!

Fishing Buddies

04 November 2017   |   Graeme Howard
The best method for catching some fish, is a fishing rod. For other fish, you need a net. The church is like that net - every knot in the net is essential to being effective!

Muddy Water

11 November 2017   |   Wesley Lorentz
Oftentimes, Christians make the gospel complicated and distorted! The waters of christianity have been muddied! We have successfully managed to overcomplicate and distort a message that was never meant to be hard to understand. "...we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God." Acts 15:19.

The One That Got Away

18 November 2017   |   Jordan Ferdinandus
How much value do you place on what's "on the line"? If we realised the value of each person, we'd struggle not to let it get away! Rather than waiting for opportunities to materialise, we can work alongside God to help initiate opportunities to introduce people to God.