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Live it!

16 March 2019 - 13 April 2019


Live it in!

16 March 2019   |   Walter de Wet
How do we hold on, when life seems to be getting the upper hand? In this message, we explore the true story of a man named Daniel, who was forced into slavery, but ultimately rose to power to manage a country! What happened on the inside, that empowered him to rise above his circumstances? When the enemy stole his identity, what changed in Daniel that helped him to regain his perspective and live his life with purpose?

Live it out!

23 March 2019   |   Urzalia Rea
What kind of life do you think God wants for you? Why settle for anything less than the amazing plan God has for your future?

Live it up!

30 March 2019   |   Wesley Lorentz
Are you living where fear breeds? Is there a situation in your life that just feels impossible? Feel like throwing in the towel? Want to just give up? Do you feel like not even God is interested? Daniel has been there. But instead of despairing, Daniel walked towards the fear.

Live it loud!

06 April 2019   |   Jordan Ferdinandus
If you were forced to worship a false god, under the threat of death, would you bow down? When you're facing your greatest fear, and you're being commanded to do something contrary to your conscience, what do you do?

Live it deep!

13 April 2019   |   Wesley Lorentz
There is a God who wants to shut the mouths of the lions in your life!