10 April 2021 - 08 May 2021

Ever wished you could press rewind on some of the decisions you’ve made? In this series, we learn how to make better decisions, with fewer regrets.


The Integrity Question - Am I being honest with myself, really?

10 April 2021   |   Wesley Lorentz
Why am I doing this, really? Why am I avoiding this, really? Why am I postponing this, really? Why do I keep making excuses, really? Why did I say yes, really? You can’t make the best decisions for you, until you are honest with you. God wants the best for our lives, but we can only move forward in our relationship with God when we are really honest with ourselves and who we are and why we are making the decisions we are. When we are truly honest, then we can make fewer mistakes and have fewer regrets.

The Legacy Question - What story do I want to tell?

17 April 2021   |   Byron Nel
Our decisions impact our future, leaving a legacy... God wants us to have the best future possible! What story do you want your life to tell?

The Conscience Question - Is there a tension, that needs my attention?

24 April 2021   |   Wesley Lorentz
Road signs serve the purpose of warning us of dangers ahead. The same is true, in life... We realise there's something that needs our attention, but sometimes we intentionally choose to ignore those warning signs, creating tension. Is there a tension, that needs your attention?

The Maturity Question - What is the wise thing to do?

01 May 2021   |   Jamie Lainson
Decisions we make can act like dominos, impacting the rest of our lives and leaving us with huge regrets, or setting us up for a better future. How can we make better, wiser decisions?

The Relationship Question - What does love require of me?

08 May 2021   |   Wesley Lorentz
What does love require of me? Maybe we think we are hitting the bullseye, but what if we are aiming at the wrong target? We can be so consumed with our purpose, but what if our goal is wrong? What if we have lost our aim? Jesus is always trying to lead us back to the most important thing. Love. Love. Love.