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Sharpen Up

22 May 2021 - 19 June 2021

Even the best tools need sharpening every once in a while - the same is true for our faith. In this series, we'll be finding ways to sharpen up the tools that hone our faith!



22 May 2021   |   Wesley Lorentz
Have you ever been in a relationship that was just shallow, but you were yearning to take that relationship to the next level? There’s a distance and as much as you try, it feels like there’s nothing you can do to go a bit deeper, to have quality time... the other person is respectful, but distant... Things are ok, but not great... what can you do, to grow that relationship?


29 May 2021   |   Wesley Lorentz
There is a God who created the universe, who created you, craving Intimacy with you. How can you create room for Him, so that you can grow in your relationship with God? What needs chipping away or sharpening up in your life?


05 June 2021   |   Walter de Wet
There comes a point where you have done everything you possibly can, to alter circumstances; you have reached the end of how far you can stretch and it is now the point where someone has to reach back and take that hand. At times, we can feel like there’s no breaching the gap... what does that look like when it comes to faith? Are you calling out to God, but feel like there’s a gap that needs breaching?


12 June 2021   |   Jordan Ferdinandus
We were created to worship. And it is everything that we do, every day.