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Start your day with Prayer

07 January 2023 - 04 February 2023

We all have our morning routines that set us up for the day… Cuppa coffee? Check. Shower? Check. Quick run? Check. Prayer?


How to pray

14 January 2023   |   Wesley Lorentz
Jesus understood the importance of prayer, and took time to teach His followers how to pray.

How does God speak to us?

21 January 2023   |   Wesley Lorentz
If prayer is a conversation with God - us speaking to Him and Him speaking to us... how can we best hear His voice?

How can we be better at praying?

28 January 2023   |   Walter de Wet
If you want to go deeper in your faith, spending quality time with God and connecting with Him… you are not alone. Even Jesus sought deeper connection with His Father.

Continual Prayer

04 February 2023   |   Jordan Ferdinandus
Talking with God continually is life-changing! The outcome is gratitude and the sort of incomprehensible peace, that only God’s presence could bring.