05 August 2023 - 02 September 2023

Where is God when it hurts? When you feel broken? Job’s story is often our story… In the midst of pain and suffering, we can trust in the power of God.


Why do bad things happen to good people?

05 August 2023   |   Charmaine Upton
Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does it seem like God answers our prayers sometimes, but other times – radio silence. Does God really care about me?

How can suffering serve a purpose?

12 August 2023   |   Wesley Lorentz
Pain insists on being attended to... Your struggle has potential to serve a purpose. Could it be that your pain is a megaphone, allowing God to shout into your world?

Does anyone even understand?

19 August 2023   |   Urzalia Lorentz
The value of friendship, when we are struggling, cannot be underestimated.

How can I trust God when I'm down?

26 August 2023   |   Wesley Lorentz
When we're in the middle of a struggle, it's hard to see light... we can grab onto something, or rather Someone, to help us through our struggles! How do I trust God, in the midst of the struggle?

How do I find closure?

26 August 2023   |   Wesley Lorentz
WHY? Why do I keep struggling? Why is life so hard? Why do I have to go through so much pain in my life? We all want these WHY questions answered...