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Take Flight

20 February 2021 - 13 March 2021


We Connect

20 February 2021   |   Jordan Ferdinandus
What does love look like when it comes to us interacting with those around us? How do we MOVE from strangers to friends, from friends to family? Is connection really that important?

We Serve

27 February 2021   |   Bre Egerton
What does serving look like? How can we be equipped for serving, wholeheartedly? How did Jesus demonstrate serving others?

We Give

06 March 2021   |   Walter de Wet
What if what I own isn't my own at the end of the day? How is it possible that the more I give, the more I receive? How can we move from a "give me" attitude to a posture of generosity? What do you have in your hands, that you can place into God's hands?

We Invite

13 March 2021   |   Wesley Lorentz
It’s so easy for us to lose focus and to drift off-course! For our values to become flipped. Just one degree off-course, given enough time, can lead you somewhere you never intended to be!