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The best way to live life

05 November 2022 - 10 December 2022

Our world today is full of tips, tricks and gimmicks on 'the best way' to live your life. Whether it's a cheesy quote printed on a coffee mug, a self-help book or the quintessential "dance like no one's watching” instagram caption, they just don't quite lead us into living our best life. But there is Someone who we can learn from, who we can follow, that will take us on our most unexpected and life-changing journey ever; a journey to truly discover the best way to live your life.



05 November 2022   |   Wesley Lorentz
There’s a way for you to live that’s going to be LIFE CHANGING! If we really want to figure out what’s the best way to live a great life… the place to look is at Jesus. He is the Way. The Truth. And the Life.


12 November 2022   |   Wesley Lorentz
There are so many things we can do to live the best life!… Maybe it’s travel, or eating a delicious meal, bungee jumping or adventure, snorkelling, reading, quality time with your family? We all have desires. Desire is a motivator to live life in a certain way. But desire, and the pursuit thereof, never satisfies. What satisfies and creates contentment?

Grace and Truth

19 November 2022   |   Jordan Ferdinandus
When we believe that God wants to save us, it literally changes our life! Grace is just that. Undeserved favour. Life saving undeserved favour. The best way to live life is to accept His grace!


26 November 2022   |   Bre Egerton
Compassion is good… but aren’t we frequently told we should only have compassion on the people who deserve it? Who gets to judge who we do or don’t give compassion to? What does love require of us?


03 December 2022   |   Jordan Ferdinandus
The best way to live life is sometimes more about others than about us. It’s about empowerment. Set others up for the win! Walk beside them. Celebrate them. Encourage them.


10 December 2022   |   Jamie Lainson
We all have dreams for the future and ideas about what we need to have the best life. Humility doesn’t usually rank high on our list of things we need, to live the best life. So, how is it possible that Jesus lists it right up there, among the best ways to live life?


17 December 2022   |   Wesley Lorentz
Who am I becoming? The best way to live life is to live from the inside out, allowing God to work on the inside and then letting that flow out. Am I creating healthy rhythms? Am I compassionate? Am I kind? Humble? Forgiving?