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The Middle

01 August 2020 - 29 August 2020

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck. We’re not at the start, but we’re not yet where we wish we were! That midpoint can quickly become a low point, as energy flails and enthusiasm wanes. It’s a funk, but it’s not funky. How you handle the middle, reveals what is in the middle of you.


In the Middle

01 August 2020   |   Wesley Lorentz
It's a pivotal moment. The waves are getting bigger and bigger... where is God? We're straining at the oars... And then Jesus does something extraordinary! He walks on water. He climbs in the boat.

Anchor in the middle

08 August 2020   |   Walter de Wet
In the middle, sometimes we need to stop, rest and drop the anchor. God is an anchor in the raging seas and uncomfortable places we find ourselves.

A Thorn in the Middle

22 August 2020   |   Wesley Lorentz
Ever felt like when you're in the Middle, everything is just an enormous pain in the neck, or a thorn in your side? Sometimes when we're following God with all our heart and soul, we expect that we should never experience adversity, or find ourselves in The Middle season. Surely the disciples in the Bible never went through these seasons?

Deadlines in the Middle

29 August 2020   |   Jordan Ferdinandus
The Middle is a season we are rarely glad for! We don’t want to be there... We would rather be anywhere else and going through something different than be in the Middle. It’s uncomfortable and our attitude reflects that. Our attitudes and feelings carry great weight - Negativity has the ability to put down roots, to the point where the Middle inadvertently becomes our permanent home rather than a temporary place!