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This Changes Everything

20 March 2021 - 03 April 2021

Doubts. Fear of the future. Failure. Uncertainty. No hope.
Experienced these feelings before?
Some of the people that were physically close to Jesus did too.
Journey back in time with us for a creative re-telling of their stories.


This Changes Everything for Peter and Judas

20 March 2021   |   Wesley Lorentz
Judas and Peter. Both are disciples. Judas traded his relationship with Jesus for money. Peter defended then denied Jesus, trading his relationship with Jesus for his reputation. Would you trade something for Jesus? Would you let go of an invaluable relationship with God for a cheap substitute? How will your encounter with Jesus change everything, for you?

This Changes Everything for Barabbas and Mary

27 March 2021   |   Wesley Lorentz
Mary and Barabbas. Both were close to Jesus, and both faced decisions in how they related to Jesus. The choice that would change everything for them!

This Changes Everything for the criminals on the cross

03 April 2021   |   Wesley Lorentz
We don't even know their names - the criminals that were crucified beside Jesus... But we know that both witnessed what happened to Him that day and made a choice that changed everything for them!