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Who do YOU say I am?

11 March 2023 - 08 April 2023

At one point, Jesus asks His disciples “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” If you asked the people around you today, who they say Jesus is, some might say “a good teacher”, others might say “the Son of God.” Still others may have other opinions. Jesus’ next question is more personal: “But who do YOU say that I am?” It might be the single most important question you ever ask yourself.


Jesus the Friend

11 March 2023   |   Urzalia Lorentz
Jesus had so many names and nicknames - many of which relate to His character. But then He was also called “Friend of sinners”… something intended as an insult, He embraced and wore as a badge of honour. He loved sinners. He loved being with those on the fringe of society! And He called those who betrayed Him “friend” too.

Jesus the Teacher

18 March 2023   |   Walter de Wet
Have you become distracted lately? Are you tuning in to Jesus teachings then walking away distracted, or are you allowing His words to make a difference in your life?

Jesus the Healer

25 March 2023   |   Wesley Lorentz
Jesus healed so many people! But He didn’t heal everyone, all the time…

Jesus the Servant

01 April 2023   |   Bre Egerton
Throughout the Bible, Jesus showed us so many examples of what being a devoted servant looks like. You would think that those closest to Him would have learnt a thing or two…

Jesus the Sacrifice

08 April 2023   |   Wesley Lorentz
When His disciples were at their lowest, Jesus took His scared followers and showed them WHO He is.