Why didn’t anyone tell me…?2022-07-11T10:51:02+12:00

Why didn’t anyone tell me…?

09 July 2022 - 06 August 2022

Faith can help us navigate being single and secure, dating and making decisions, giving marriage some maintenance, having friends and fun, and even help with family and our future! Through this series, we explore who we are and how our identity can impact our relationships.⁠


Single and Secure

09 July 2022   |   Wesley, Urzalia and Shae
When something happens, are we secure? You can project security, but that doesn’t mean you have security. Where do we find our security and our identity?

Dating and Decisions

16 July 2022   |   Wesley, Urzalia and Jordan
Know your worth! You are so valuable that Jesus left Heaven to rescue you! If God views us as so worthy and precious, why wouldn’t we want to treat any potential partner the same way?

Marriage and Maintenance

23 July 2022   |   Wesley Lorentz
Love. One. Another. Easier said than done, right? How can we make this principle work through a whole lifetime of marriage?

Family and Future

30 July 2022   |   Gracegate friends
Not all dreams for a great family life become a reality. What wisdom can we learn from some friends at Gracegate, to help our families have a great future?

Friends and Fun

06 August 2022   |   Wesley, Urzalia, Kelsy and Walter
Friends are the family that you choose for yourself. Who you surround yourself with can shape your destiny - even for eternity.