We know how tough it is to be a Mum.

Tougher still if you’re maybe doing it alone or for the first time!

If you’re ready for extra clues on how to cope; what to do for your little one; and how to look after yourself so you can look after a kid who never sleeps when you need to, try hanging at our totally free Young Mums program.

It’s called the Young Mums Program, because that’s what it’s all about – and we spend time with Young Mums like you, to give you your life back.  We sometimes have dads doing the program too.

Come and share some great ideas about how to care for your little one and yourself, so you can have fun together.

In fact, we’ll even provide care for your baby or toddler while you’re with us.

Some of the topics we’ll tackle together:

  • Being a great mum
  • Looking after yourself
  • When you need a break
  • I am worthy of respect
  • Fun stuff to do with little ones
  • When illness or injuries happen
  • Where to get good value baby stuff
  • Making dollars go further
  • Food for growing kids
  • Baby massage
  • Family Ties
  • Looking at Careers
  • Exploring Courses
  • Creating your CV

…and so much more!

The Parenting Toolbox

This provides a variety of different ideas and resources, to equip you with knowledge and understanding. What it means to be a parent at such a young age is often underestimated! But at Gracegate’s Young Mums Program, you will find that the leader of this course was also a parent at a young age!  Together with her early childhood degree and a wealth of experience, Charisa’s service to you is ongoing and hands-on.

Contact us

We have intakes for the Young Mums Program at specific times through the year.  If you’re interested, or know someone who might benefit from the program, take a minute to complete the form below and we’ll get in contact with you.

Charisa Giles

Charisa has a lovely family and is mum to two young men and grandma to two beautiful baby girls. Together with her early childhood degree and a wealth of experience, Charisa is well equipped to lead this thriving environment at Gracegate.

Tel: 09 914 2999