Life can be hard, but there is hope!

People who are vulnerable may find life confusing and awkward.  Having a stable place to live and a meaningful routine is crucial to underpinning a purposeful and positive lifestyle. It means providing support and encouragement, while simultaneously setting boundaries and avoiding enabling them, moving from a destructive lifestyle. We want to support you, to stay on track with creating a new life of meaning, purpose, joy and integrity.


It takes some time for someone to move from the streets, an institution or negative influences to regular life. Often, it’s also about addressing issues that have arisen from our childhood or our lifestyle – our whole health and wellbeing. You can try your hand at new skills, like home maintenance, tiling, plumbing, painting, basic carpentry, mechanics, art, crafts, cooking, music, and engaging in dance and/or fitness programs. There are process groups, one-on-one counselling, participation in voluntary work, beach and farm visits. All are possible inclusions in your program.

Gracegate’s mentors actively engage in supporting transitions to new and productive ways of living, encouraging participants to reestablish themselves and re-enter society, while being supported in their health and wellbeing.


Admission to Breathe is at Gracegate’s discretion.

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